Boat Service & Maintenance

IMG’s service location & mobile service options provide everything from oil changes to engine rebuilds plus we offer monthly maintenance. Our marine technicians are factory trained and certified, and will have you back on the water enjoying the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in no time. Our team is experienced servicing new boats and boats that are 10+ years old.

For more information, our Service Department directly at 573.355.5027 or email service@iguanamarinegroup.com.

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How Can We Serve You Today?

Iguana Marine Group can take care of everything from preventative maintenance to major engine repair. Click on the menu options below to learn about our services.

Annual & Routine Maintenance

We have a number of routine maintenance options to keep your boat running in tip-top shape. Based on your type of equipment and level of use, we can recommend bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual service programs.

Boat Covers, Carpeting & Upholstery Repair/Replacement

Getting a tear or hole in your boat cover, carpeting or upholstery can be frustrating, but never fear, Iguana Marine Group can help. Our experienced team of technicians are experts at repair; and we’ll have your equipment looking new again in no time.

Bottom Painting

Protect your hull! Prevent the growth of aquatic organisms and avoid scratches and cracks that effect the speed, performance, and durability of your boat. Iguana Marine Group’s experienced technicians will strip away the old and apply a new special coating of paint to extend the life of your hull and keep you out enjoying the water.

Buffs & Waxes

Keep your boat looking sharp out on the water. Regular buffing & waxing will remove small scratches and dings in your paint and maintain your boat’s shine and color. Our experienced crew will even come to your dock to do the work! At Iguana Marine Group, we make it easy to keep your boat looking like new.

Custom Striping & Graphics

Ready to add a personal touch to your boat? Custom striping and graphics will set you apart out on the water. Iguana Marine Group will work with you to add the color and design of your choice to your boat. Call us today to learn more about this service.

Drive Service

Caring for your engine drive will prolong the life of your boat. Service includes inspection of the drive system components, checking the steering, and replacing seals and lube by our experienced technicians.


You’ve invested a lot into your boat, and Iguana Marine Group wants to help you keep it looking like new. Our detailing crew will power wash the interior and exterior, and clean under all the hatches.  We’ll also thoroughly clean all of your vinyl, wash and polish the windows, and vacuum the interior to leave your boat looking spotless, ready for another great day out on the water.

Electronic & Accessory Installation

Your boat reflects your style, and Iguana Marine Group can install the electronics and/or accessory add-ons that make it yours; including stereo systems, GPS equipment, fish finders, etc. Give us a call to learn more!

Fiberglass Repair

Let our team of experienced technicians fill and smooth away any nicks and scratches that can lead to the breakdown of your hull. We’ll also apply a fresh gel coat finish, a final sand, buff and wax and return your boat to you looking like new.

Generator Maintenance

Generators are often an overlooked piece of boating equipment, and chances are, yours could use a bit of attention. Let Iguana Marine Group’s experienced technicians give your generator a checkup! We’ll test your battery, clamps, fittings, electrical connections, and fluid levels to ensure that your boat is Lake ready!

Fire Suppression - Check & Certification

Safety is a priority for your passengers & boating equipment. Ensure your system is working and up to code before venturing out on the water. Our Service Department uses a check-list process to inspect and certify your fire suppression system.

Haul-Out Service

There comes a time when every boat may need to leave the water for some tender loving care. Let Iguana Marine Group help by removing your boat from the water to accommodate any necessary maintenance or repairs.

Major & Minor Engine Repair

Boating is your life, and Iguana Marine Group wants to help keep you on the water. Our Service Department can handle anything from minor engine repairs to major engine overhauls. We have a full-time tech on staff, and diagnostic equipment available to quickly determine the source of the problem and the solution to get you back out on the Lake.

Mobile Service Available

Would you prefer to have maintenance & service completed at your dock? We understand, and we’re happy to accommodate your needs whenever possible. Our experienced technicians can come to you to complete a number of minor repairs and services. Contact us to learn more about our Mobile Service options.

Oil & Filter Changes for Engines & Generators

Changing the oil on your boat is essential to the life of your boat engine, keeping it clean and running smoothly. Iguana Marine Group’s Oil Service includes changing your oil and replacing your oil filter (as needed) on engines and generators.

For a new boat, most engine manufacturers recommend changing your oil after the first 20 hours. After that, Iguana recommends changing after every 50 hours or at least once-per-year, whichever comes first. You can find the exact requirements for your boat’s engine in your owner’s manual.

Preventative Maintenance

Fall Preventative Maintenance

  • Oil & Filter changes on engines & generators
  • Drive -or- Transmission service


Spring Maintenance

  • Replace generator water pump impellers
  • Replace engine water pump impellers
  • Fire Suppression System check & certification (scheduled appointment @ Iguana required)
Prop Repair

Your propeller is the key to getting where you want to go. Did you know that even a small bend or nick in a blade can impact the performance of your boat? Moreover, they could eventually cause damage to your engine and/or transmission. Let our expert techs at Iguana repair those small bends and nicks and keep your boat running smoothly & efficiently out on the water.

Spring Recommissioning
  • Start up the engines & return winterized equipment back to running conditions
  • Check water systems for leaks
Transmission Service

A marine transmission is a hardworking, yet often ignored piece of equipment. Scheduling regular preventative maintenance appointments with Iguana Marine Group will help extend the life of your transmission and keep your boat running smoothly.

Water Pump Impellers

Impellers pump lake water into your boat’s engine or generator to keep it cool while in use. Impellers work best when run regularly, but can be damaged by the debris or chemicals that are sucked in. Correctly installed, and regularly maintained impellers will insure an enjoyable boating experience.


Let Iguana Marine Group get your boat “winter-ready”. Our experienced technicians will flush the engine, drain the engine block and protect it with antifreeze.


  • Draining water from the engine, generator systems, head systems, washer/dryer, dishwasher, seawater wash down, heat exchangers, shaft coolers, transmission oil coolers, sea strainers, and seacocks.
  • We use blue -100 degree non-toxic, environmentally safe antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors. The water dilution factor increases freeze protection drastically compared to the pink -50 degree antifreeze.
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